The table below shows the workshops we offer. 


Please note the terms and conditions below for additional charges which may apply.

Terms and Conditions


For classes/groups over 30, there will be an additional charge of £2.50 per child per session. 

The prices set out above cover the cost for schools within a 25 mile radius of our postcode (TR2 4JH). We are very happy to travel further afield for an additional mileage charge of 45p per mile.

As it is imperative for me to arrive at your setting on time, if the journey is 1.5 hours or more, a fee to cover budget overnight accommodation will be required.


If you purchase a workshop from us, we include a free interactive 20-25 minute introduction. This involves the children helping to create a human timeline to tell the story of the key events of the first year and a half of the war.

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