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WW2 Themed Activity Pack

(for 10-11 year olds. May be suitable for younger children with adult support)

Wartime Reflections in Nay-Upon-Halt is an activity pack designed for teachers and parents with children in the age range of 10-11 years old (Year 6), although with support, the tasks could be completed by younger children.


The activities are all based around the fictional village of Nay-Upon-Halt, located in the middle of the English countryside. The challenges could be used as extension tasks during a WW2 topic in school, or issued as homework.


As a way of increasing independence, the Internet could be used by the children to assist their research and complete the tasks.


This pack offers a great opportunity for friends and families to discuss and share ideas.



Blitz It!

WW2 themed spelling activities for children in Year 6

This resource of over 40 pages includes two spelling revision activities, involving all of the Year 5/6 spelling words from the National Curriculum.

All 102 words in the list have been written into 20 short spelling tests within a World War 2 context. Every test is written in complete form for the Teacher, Tutor, Parent or Guardian to read out, with a separate sheet ready for the children to fill in the given spellings.

There is also an additional spelling activity, which the children can work on independently.

The resource could be used in school to compliment a topic on WW2 or in warm ups for Literacy sessions. Outside of school it’s great for Home Tutoring sessions or a quick five minute booster activity to keep your child up to speed with the spellings they need to know!

This resource offers children a welcome and fresh change from the norm of the usual random sentence examples given in a spelling test.

VE Day Bingo





ww2 Airfields and Codebreaker Wordsearch (Suitable for some children, although they may need adult support.)

Code breaker.JPG