EE-8 US Army Signal Corps Field Telephones

We are really excited to now have these as part of our collection. A pair of WW2 United States Signal Corps Field Telephones. The first EE-8 telephones were manufactured in the early 1930's and were used by the Signal Corps through WW2 and the Vietnam War. The early models were held in a leather case, before canvas and nylon housing and straps came into favour. After WW2, the surplus of the EE-8 telephones were sold to American civilians at home to use as private telephones. In military use, the signal range varied depending on the type of wire being used and the conditions in which the wires were placed. The average range was 11-17 miles, but it has been stated that with a direct, point to

Incendiary arrives!

A recent addition to our artefacts. A replica 1kg German Incendiary Bomb. Thousands of these were dropped on Britain during the war. The original bomb, like this replica, functioned on impact. The filling only had to burn for about half a minute to a heat of 2500 degrees before the magnesium outer casing melted, setting fire to flammable objects and materials around it. Later adaptations included explosive charges in the tail, or inside an additional nose section. The charges would detonate a few minutes after impact, adding danger to anyone attempting to make them safe and stop the spread of fire.

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