Our new audio documentary - AVAILABLE TO LISTEN TO NOW!

Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to live under German rule during the Second World War? What would have happened if Hitler's forces had launched a successful invasion of Britain and occupied the country? How would it have affected the population? In our latest documentary 'Under the Watchful Eye', we tell the story of what life was like on the Channel Islands, the only British territory to be occupied by the Germans during World War 2. The occupation lasted for five years, during which the islanders had to cope with many difficulties and restrictions.

But it wasn't only the islanders who suffered as a result of the occupation. Thousands of foreign forced workers were shipped over by the Germans to carry out the intensive manual labour tasks that were needed to build the fortifications that would make the islands the most heavily fortified area in Europe.

Our documentary features first hand accounts (recorded by us in Jersey during the 60th anniversary of the island's liberation in 2005) from residents of Jersey who lived through the occupation.

Hit the play button below to find out through this unique insight what life was like under Hitler's 'model occupation' of British territory.

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