German Helmet from Occupied Channel Islands.

Our German Infantry helmet (M1942). This helmet is particularly interesting as it was found in a bunker in the Channel Islands just after the war. It was donated to us by a gentleman who was evacuated from Guernsey just before the Germans arrived in the islands. The occupation began in June 1940 and ended with the liberation in May 1945.The islands were the only British territory to be occupied by the Germans during the Second World War, and Hitler wanted it to be his 'model ...occupation' before pushing on to conquer Britain.

The abandoned German bunkers and gun emplacements became attractive play areas for the children of the islands to explore at the end of the hostilities, although they weren't the safest of places! Helmets and other military equipment became great occupation souvenirs for the youngsters who discovered them. The man who passed this helmet on to us had found it whilst playing with his friends in and around a bunker on Guernsey.

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