ARP Warden's Post Bus Shelter - Isle of Wight

During our recent holiday we were not only treated to a surprise flypast from a Spitfire, but also the discovery of a WW2 ARP Warden's Post. This shelter was a thirty second walk from where we were staying.

Set back into the hedge and being invaded by the greenery, the construction is still being used as a shelter. Today, people visiting or living in the village of Wellow (just outside of Yarmouth) can find protection from the weather whilst waiting for their bus to arrive! There are also village notices displayed in the shelter.

During WW2 one of the jobs of the ARP Wardens was to monitor and report bomb damage after an air raid. A network of ARP Warden Posts were set up throughout the country. They were connected by telephone or messenger to higher command.

It is right that these reminders are retained in their environments as they give a real sense of the wartime story in their locality, whilst preserving history for the younger and future generations.

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